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SOTO Regulator Lantern ST-260

SOTO Regulator Lantern ST-260

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The SOTO regulator lantern is equipped with a regulator. Typical cassette gas lanterns may decrease the amount of light due to the cold of the gas cylinder, but the regulator lantern is equipped with a proprietary micro-regulator that allows the gas to be used immediately after ignition and the gas is used. In addition, it is also difficult to break down due to nozzle clogging


The power of the stable light emits a low style body design that gently illuminates the table at night. In addition, even if the unit falls over, the large red flame (raw gas) will not burn out easily. The hoya is made of break-resistant mesh. Economical gas cassette model


  •  Usage time: About 4.5 hours (using ST-760), about 4.5 hours (when using ST-700)
  • Materials: Mesh sea squirt, combustion tower, appliance | Plug knob: stainless steel, cylinder holder | Ignition switch: resin
  •  Size: 10CM x 13CM x 15CM (when used), 6.5CM x 10.5CM x 15CM (when retracted)
  • Weight unit: 247g
  • What's in the box: 1x Soto Regulator Lantern & storage bag
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