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SOTO Pocket Gas Torch XT

SOTO Pocket Gas Torch XT

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The Electronic Ignition feature of SOTO's Pocket Torch XT ensures reliable lighting even in strong winds, offering convenience and dependability in various outdoor conditions. Despite its compact size, this burner packs a powerful punch, boasting a telescoping burner head that extends to reach further distances. With flame temperatures reaching up to 1300℃ (approximately 2300°F), it delivers intense heat for a variety of applications. Furthermore, its refillable design allows for easy replenishment using SOTO's Fill adapter or a gas lighter cartridge, ensuring continued usage without the need for frequent replacements (Gas not included).

IMPORTANT CAUTION *The torch may not ignite under freezing temperatures or high altitudes above 5,000 ft. / 1,500m. WARNING: Never fill the Pocket Torch XT with 100% propane. Use of any fuel other than what is listed above may cause an explosion

  • Brand: SOTO
  • Origin: Japan
  • Flame shape: Superfine centralized flame
  • Compatible Fuel type
  • Normal butane
  • Outdoor canisters sold commercially that contain a combination of butane, isobutane, and propane (commonly known as 110g, 250g, and 500g)
  • Size: 3.5 x 1,8 x 11 to 18.5 cm (1.38 x 0.71 x 4.33 to 7.28 inch)
  • Weight: 50g (1.8 oz.)
  • Warranty: 3 Months Local Supplier Warranty
  • What's in the box: 1 x SOTO Pocket Torch XT
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