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Snow Peak Little Lamp Nocturne

Snow Peak Little Lamp Nocturne

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The Mini Flame is a small lantern. The Mini Flame is compact, lightweight, and has low fuel consumption. It features a glass globe and flame dial. To use, attach to fuel canister, turn the fuel dial, and ignite with flame at the bottom. 

  • Brand: Snow Peak
  • Creates Candle-like ambience      
  • Low Fuel Consumption   
  • Fuel Type: ISO-Butane  
  • Material: Stainless Steel / Alluminum Alloy / Brass / Heat-Resistant Glass  
  • Contents:      
  • Mini Flame      
  • Storage Case
  • Size: 4.06cm x 3.81cm x 10.41cm
  • Weight: 0.102kg
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