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Snow Peak Gigapower Lantern Auto Renewal

Snow Peak Gigapower Lantern Auto Renewal

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Designed in Japan, the GigaPower Lantern Auto is a compact ISO-butane powered lantern with a glass globe and stainless steel base. Use it to illuminate your camp or backyard gathering. The GigaPower Lantern features auto-ignition, bright output, and easily detaches from the gas canister for quick storage. Pair the GigaPower Lantern Auto with the BF Lantern for a well-lit camp.

  • Brand: Snow Peak  
  • Compact & Lightweight Lighting       
  • Auto-Ignitor
  • Material: Stainless Steel / Aluminum Alloy / Brass / Heat-Resistant Glass  
  • 80 watts     
  • Contents: 
  • Lantern      
  • Hard Case  
  • Size: D 5.71cm x H 9.52cm
  • Weight: 0.128kg
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