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OneTigris Bullbat T/C Camping Tarp

OneTigris Bullbat T/C Camping Tarp

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Why Choose OneTigris BULLBAT Camping Tarp?

The usefulness of a tarp is based on the creativity and outdoor experience level of the user. The BULLBAT is a seemingly simple piece of fabric with intricate details and a slightly uncommon shape. Its primary setup is as a 3-sided-fortress to protect outdoorsmen from the wind, combined with the fire retardant material quality of terylene cotton, it’s perfect for campfires and outdoor cooking spaces.

Its unique shape also enables the setup of a UV light and sunlight blocking front porch, when fitted with the ROCK SHIELD Bushcraft Tent or similar, creating a fully enclosed safe haven in the outdoors to stay warm and secure, and even for use with a projector for your very own outdoor cinema.

About terylene cotton: The T/C fabric is known for its rugged quality that’s thicker, heavier and more durable than the usual outdoor gear fabric commonly used. It’s also fire-retardant (safer to use next to campfires), efficiently blocks out sunlight and heat, and its unique material technology enables it to be more water-resistant with each use through the fabric’s interaction with moisture in the outdoors. Fabric performance can be enhanced by setting it up next to a river, stream, or drizzle.

OneTigris BULLBAT Camping Tarp

  •  210g/m² T/C fabric construction that’s highly durable, UV light protective, fire-retardant and condensation-resistant, with 400mm waterproof rating
  •  Primary functions as a wind blocking tarp that offers protection against the wind and better privacy, to use with a camping stove or other outdoor kitchen equipment
  •  Also works as a ground mat to protect campers from discomfort and sharper objects like small twigs and stones
  •  Compatible with the ROCK SHIELD T/C Bushcraft Shelter for use as a front porch accessory tarp to shield campers against the wind and UV light
  •  For winter use, this tarp can help create a fully enclosed outdoor camping space when connected with the ROCK SHIELD T/C Bushcraft Shelter or similar, for use with a burning stove to stay warm and cozy
  •  Comes with a setup kit of tent stakes, light reflective guy-lines, and a sturdy stuff sack


  • This product does NOT come with tent poles. To use with tent poles, we recommend using 2-3 pieces of 4.2-4.9ft lengths.
  • For longer shelf life, air out to dry after use in drizzle, and store the tarp in a cool, dry place.
  • Always take caution when starting fires in the outdoors to keep yourself and the campsite safe from fire hazards!
  • Never leave your tent while the stove is in use.Always use CO detectors and maintain good ventilation while burning wood stoves inside your tent.
  • Do not leave your hot tent unattended during snowfall.Clear your hot tent of accumulated snow/ice as the weight may damage the tent.


  • Material: Tetoron Cotton (65% Polyester 35% Cotton),  YNS Slip-on Forcelock Buckles  
  • Dimensions:
  • Folded - 5.1”*5.1”*14.1”/13cm*13cm*36cm
  • Setup - 85.8"*51.2"*33.5"/218cm*130cm*85cm
  • Waterproof Rating: 400mm
  • Weight: 4.1lb/1.87kg
Package Includes
  • OneTigris BULLBAT T/C Camping Tarp*1
  • Tent Peg *8
  • 8.2ft/2.5m Guy-line *4
  • Stuff Sack *1
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