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Nitecore NES2000 Portable Outdoor Power Station

Nitecore NES2000 Portable Outdoor Power Station

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Ideal for camping and outdoor needs along with providing back-up emergency power, the NES2000 is the Ultimate Power Station from Nitecore. 2016Wh High Capacity, 2000W Max AC Output. Portable, 4-wheel design, and user friendly Smart Mobile App operation and monitoring. The NES2000 is capable of charging everyday items such as, laptops, portable fridges, microwaves, kettle, hairdryer, blender, electric blanket, TV etc.



  • Model: NES2000
  • Cell: Built-in 21700 Li-ion Batteries
  • Capacity: 2016Wh (25.2V, 80Ah) (560000mAh)
  • DC Input: 12V-36V, up to 20A (720W max)
  • AC Input: 200-240V~50/60Hz (1200W max)
  • USB-C Input: 5V⎓3A / 9V⎓3A / 12V⎓3A / 15V⎓3A / 20V⎓5A (100W max per port)
  • AC Output: 2000W, 4000W Surge, Pure Sine Wave
  • DC1 (Cigarette Lighter) Output: 12V⎓10A (120W max per port)
  • DC2 Output: 24V⎓20A (500W max)
  • USB-A Output: 5V⎓3A / 9V⎓2A / 12V⎓2A / 20V⎓1.5A (30W max per port)
  • USB-C Output: 5V⎓3A / 9V⎓3A / 12V⎓3A / 15V⎓3A / 20V⎓5A (100W max per port)
  • Shelf-life: Charge every 3-6 months
  • Lifecycles: 500 cycles to 80% (discharge rate: 1C, full charge/discharge, Temp 25ºC)
  • Operating Temperature: -10~40ºC
  • Various inputs/outputs including:
    • 2x USB-A QC Output
    • 2x USB-C PD Input/Output
    • 2x DC Input
    • 1x Anderson Input
    • 2x DC1 Output (Cigarette Lighter)
    • 1x AC Input
    • 1x DC2 Output
    • 1x Expansion Port
    • 3x AC Output (Universal Socket)
  • Multiple Charging Options:
    • Included Car Charger (min 21h charging time)
    • Included 240AC power cord (1200W AC – min. 2h charging time)
    • 100W Solar Panel (Sold Separately) (min 21h charge time)
    • 100W PD Adapter (type-C) (min 21h charge time)
  • Dimensions: 464mm x 403.4mm x 270.4mm
  • Weight: 22.41kg
  • Warranty: 12 months repair warranty with manufacturing defects only from date of purchase.


Package Includes:

  • 1 x Nitecore NES2000 Portable Outdoor Power Station
  • 1 x UK 3-Pin AC Wall Charger
  • 1 x 12V Car Battery Charging Cable
  • 1 x Car Charger
  • 1 x User Manual
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