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Nitecore 21700 5000MAH 15A 3.6V Rechargeable LI-ION Battery NL2150HP

Nitecore 21700 5000MAH 15A 3.6V Rechargeable LI-ION Battery NL2150HP

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The next generation 21700 rechargeable battery from NITECORE, the NL2150HP has an amazing 5000mAh capacity. This powerful battery has improved performance, and superior energy density compared to previous 18650 batteries. An ideal companion for the HC35 headlamp from NITECORE, an extra 21700 is a great back-up battery to have on hand, as more electronic products and NITECORE flashlights will utilize this battery. The NL2150HP is a high performance battery capable of >15A discharge for high lumen lights and headlamps.

The NITECORE NL2150HP comes with all of the safety features, quality engineering, and more that has made NITECORE a trusted brand for rechargeable Li-ion batteries. Your expensive electronics are safe paired with an NL2150HP that features a built-in pressure relief valve, high temperature resistant design, and built-in safeguards to prevent surges. This protects you from overcharging, over-discharging, as well as short-circuits. The NL2150HP is built with premium materials, such as nickel-plated stainless steel connectors for impact resistance, good conductivity, and resistance against oxidation. Safe and reliable, the NL2150HP is globally insured and has multiple certifications for electronic use.


  • Size: 21700 Protected
  • Capacity: 5000mAh
  • Voltage: 3.6V
  • Current Output: 15A
  • Dimension: Length 75.2mm, Diameter 21.6mm
  • Weight: 73g
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