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Lumena The Classic LED Lantern - Bronze Brown

Lumena The Classic LED Lantern - Bronze Brown

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The classic and modern design of the lighting itself is wonderful, but convenience of usability indoors and outdoors was thought about. Lumena THE CLASSIC has an original frame separation structure, giving it the option of three types of lighting available: table lighting, pendant lighting, and stand lighting with sockets.  


Product Highlights:  

  • Brand: Lumena 
  • Origin: Korea
  • Lumena THE CLASSIC: Features original frame separation structure.
  • Offers three types of lighting: table, pendant, and stand lighting with sockets.
  • Designed for convenience and usability indoors and outdoors.
  • Combines classic and modern design elements.

 Power / voltage consumption  

  • INPUT 1 (Type C) : 5V-2.4A(MAX 12W) 
  • INPUT 2 (Type C) : 5V-1.5A(MAX 7.5W) 
  • OUTPUT (Type C) : 5V-2.4A(MAX 12W) 

Usage time  

  • Charging : 4 hours 
  • Usage : 7 hours (maximum brightness) to 100 hours (minimum brightness) 


LED Specifications 

  • 1,000Lm(maximum brightness) to 20 Lm (minimum brightness)  
  • 3,500K ±15% (maximum brightness) to 1,500K ±15% (minimum brightness) 


How to charge:  

  • Charging the body: Connect the TYPE C cable to the main body (INPUT 1) or wireless charging cradle (INPUT 2) 
  • Charging begins once connected: Charging adapter sold separately 
  • Charging External Devices: The TYPE C cable is connected to the OUTPUT and the mobile device is connected to the TYPE C cable. It can be used as a supplementary battery when connected 


Battery remaining capacity  

  • One LED blink: 0-24% 
  • Two LEDs blink: 25-49% 
  • Three LEDs blink: 50–74% 
  • Four LEDs blink: 75-99% 
  • 4 LEDs ON (no blinking): 100% 


Product Specifications: 

  • Size: 153 × 153 × 291 mm
  • Weight: 830g 
  • Battery capacity: Li-ion 3.69V 9,600mAh (35.42Wh) 
  • Warranty: 3 Months Local Supplier Warranty   
  • What's in the box: 1 x Exclusive pouch, Lumena THE CLASSIC body, S Biner, CTO C cable, Product Manual .
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