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Lumena Fan Boost Wireless Circulator

Lumena Fan Boost Wireless Circulator

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The newly introduced LUMENA FAN BOOST features the delicacy and elegant formativeness, which represent our wireless circulator series. In particular, the design that can be used both outdoors and indoors and the usability in all seasons represent LUMENA's design philosophy and the advantages of a wireless circulator. 


Product Highlights: 

  • Brand: Lumena 
  • Origin: Korea 
  • Delicacy and elegant
  • Used for both outdoors and indoors 
  • Hours of Charging : 4 hours (MAX 15W) 
  • Hours of Use : 3 hours 30 min. ~ 30 hours 
  • Colors : Sand Beige, Deep Khaki 


 How to use: 

  • Power/Wind speed Settings 
    After charging the main body, you can press the power button 
    to adjust the wind speed step by step. 
    * When you press the power button, the left LED indicator displays 
    the wind level for 3 seconds, then blinks 3 times 
    and displays the remaining battery level. 
    * If you press the power button for 2 seconds during use, 
    it will turn off. 

1st: Ultra-breeze 
2nd: Breeze 
3rd: Light wind 
4th: Maximum wind 


  • Timer Settings 
    You can press the timer button to set the timer step by step. 
    When the set time is reached, it stops automatically. 
    You can check the remaining time through the right LED indicator. 

1st : 1 hour 
2nd : 2 hours 
3rd : 4 hours 
4th : 8 hours 


  • Battery level 
    First flash: 0-25% 
    Second flash: 26-50% 
    Third flash: 51-75% 
    Fourth flash: 76-99% 
    All flash: 100% 
    * If you adjust the head angle while charging, 
    the cable may get caught in the body hanger. 
    After disconnecting the cable, adjust the head angle. 


How to pair remote control: 

  • If you press the timer button on the main body 
    for more than 6 seconds with the product turned off, the timer's LED blinks. 
  • While holding down the timer button, press the power button on the remote control once. 
  • Pairing is complete when the timer's LED indicator no longer blinks. 


Product Specifications: 

  • Model Name : FAN BOOST 
  • Size : 241 × 142 × 391mm 
  • Weight : 1.3kg(Product 1kg, Pole stand 0.3kg) 
  • Battery Capacity : Li-ion 3.6V 11,200mAh(7.2V 5,600mAh 40.32Wh) 
  • Input(Type-C) : 5V-3.0A(MAX 15W) 
  • Warranty: 3 Months Local Supplier Warranty   
  • What's in the box: 1 x Fan Boost, Exclusive Pouch, Pole Stand (+Pouch), Binner, Remote control, Manual
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