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Leki Ultratrail FX.One Superlite Pole (Neon Pink/Neon Yellow/Natural Carbon)

Leki Ultratrail FX.One Superlite Pole (Neon Pink/Neon Yellow/Natural Carbon)

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The Leki Ultratrail FX.One Superlite supports you in your quest for kilometers and altitude! It comes equipped with the new Trail Shark, the first grip-strap system developed 100 % for trail running. Thanks to newly designed air channels, its grip weight has been reduced by 30 % compared to the familiar Shark system. The Shark Frame Strap Mesh fits like a glove and transfers power directly to the center of the pole. The slim shape of the Shark mandrel allows the strap to be clicked in and off, even with eyes closed! An additional nose on the grip provides a second grip option and even more precise guidance. The pole can be easily folded to carry in the hands. Its 14/12 millimeters slim diameter provides a secure grip for easy transport over flat passages. With a packing size of 35 cm and a weight of 137 g at a length of 120 cm, the Ultratrail FX.One Superlite is an indispensable companion for your next race!

  • One of the lightest weight per pole in its class
  • Trail Shark grip is 30% lighter and specifically developed for trail running
  • Shark Fram Strap Mesh is highly comfortable and helps runners move more efficiently on trail
  • Ultra-lightweight and strong carbon fiber trail running poles
  • 100% HRC max carbon shafts
  • Easy push-button design makes breaking down a breeze
  • Carbide tip adds grip and durability
  • Storage bag included
  • Weight: 137 grams/pole (120 cm length)


    • Usable Length :
    1. [105 cm] 105 cm
    2. [110 cm] 110 cm
    3. [115 cm] 115 cm
    4. [120 cm] 120 cm
    5. [125 cm] 125 cm
    6. [130 cm] 130 cm
    • Collapsed Length : 
    1. [105 cm] 33 cm (13 in)
    2. [110 cm] 33 cm (13 in)
    3. [115 cm] 35 cm (14 in)
    4. [120 cm] 35 cm (14 in)
    5. [125 cm] 38 cm (15.2 in)
    6. [130 cm] 38 cm (15.2 in)

    How to measure:

    For Walking, hiking and backpacking: Stability and support matter most. Size up if you're right on a size cusp.
    For Running: Uphill propulsion matters most. Size down if you're right on a size cusp.

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