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LED LENSER MH10 Rechargeable Headlamp 600 Lumens

LED LENSER MH10 Rechargeable Headlamp 600 Lumens

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The MH10 is the lightest Ledlenser headlamp of its brightness levels. It is equipped with a red taillight as well as color filters for various different uses. And its USB 3.0 charging system offers an international standard for comfortably charging your Ledlenser. Perfect for hunters, fishers, hikers and everyone who is looking for extremes outside.

Advanced Focus System™

Traditionally, light-focusing systems have consisted of either a lens, or a reflector. The Advanced Focus System (AFS) is the patented combination of a reflector AND lens to create a light system that provides both a focused beam for long-distance and a homogenous spill-beam for up-close reading. AFS means whether you’re reading a map up close or focusing down the path to a landmark in the distance, your light will be easy on the eyes, clear and bright.


  • Lumen: Max: 600, Min: 10
  • Light Functions: Power, mid power, low power, red rear light
  • Beam Distance: Max: 150m, Min: 20m
  • Burn Time: Max: 120h, Min: 10h
  • IPX Rating: 4 - Protection against water splashing from any direction
  • Focus System: Advanced Focus System*
  • Additional Features: Transportation lock, rear light (red)
  • Battery: Rechargeable Li-ion Battery 18650, 3.7V
  • Weight: 158g including battery
  • Charge Time: 80% after 3h, 100% after 6h
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