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Lecka Energy Bar

Lecka Energy Bar

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2020, a bunch of trail runners are looking for better options to fuel their long distance running. After many visits to the local markets and many more tests, the Lecka Energy Bar was born.

The concept is very simple:

Real Food
We use dried fruits and nuts sourced right from the farms. That makes our bars so moist, fresh and very easy to eat. We add some natural coconut nectar that gives another energy boost.

Eco-Friendly Packaging
We do not want to see more single-use plastic! After years of testing, we decided to use home compostable packaging that is TUV AUSTRIA TUV HOME COMPOST certified.

Delicious & Nutritious
Every bar has around 150 Calories, mainly coming from complex carbohydrates and fructose sugar that break down slower and provide sustained energy.

The Energy Bar is ideal as a pre- and post-exercise snack, or during long endurance training/racing sessions.

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