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KZM Wild Field Oscar House Tent

KZM Wild Field Oscar House Tent

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Product Description:

The new Wild Field Oscar House has a subtle olive khaki colour that blends well with nature and has a classic premium appearance which will make you stand out at any campsite. Made of thick poly oxford fabric, it can be used all year round and effectively blocks UV rays. Additionally, its excellent water repellent prevents moisture absorption during rainy weather and is effective in keeping you dry. The doors open in various shapes, allowing for movement and entry without inconvenience and helping with smooth ventilation inside.

Product Highlights:

  • Brand: KZM
  • Capacity: 3-4 people
  • Made of thick poly oxford fabric.
  • Suitable for year-round use.
  • Effectively blocks UV rays.
  • Excellent water repellent feature.
  • Prevents moisture absorption during rainy weather, keeping you dry.
  • Doors open in various shapes for easy movement and entry.
  • A-shaped roof structure (218cm high) allows free movement without bending your back.
  • Windows on all sides for an open view.
  • Air vent system for smooth air circulation.
  • Rain-resistant ventilation; protects privacy.
  • Daisy webbing method for hanging small items.
  • Weather guard webbing method prevents roof sagging due to rain and snow.
  • Colour markings on pole and pole connectors for easy installation.


  • Body - P/OXF 150D 2,000mm PU W/R UV50
  • Inner tent - P/T 68D 190T 400mm PU W/R
  • Bottom - P/OXF 150D 2,000mm PU W/R
  • Ground sheet - P/OXF 150D 2,000mm PU W/R
  • Pole - Main pole: ST Ø22 / Canopy pole: STØ19

Product Specifications:

  • Tent carry bag -15kg
  • Pole carry bag -17kg (excluding pegs - 14kg)
  • When installed - 560x310x(h)218cm / Inner tent - 290(240)x220x(h)195cm
  • When storing - tent carry bag: 80x40x(h)40cm: 80x40x(h)40cm / pole carry bag: 76x30x(h)30cm

What's in the box:

  • Tent carry bag - main body, inner tent, ground sheet, guide webbing, multi webbing, storage case
  • Pole carry bag - main pole x 15ea, canopy pole x 2ea, pole connector x 9ea, steel peg x 28ea, string x 14ea, storage case
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