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KZM Premium STS Tablewear Family

KZM Premium STS Tablewear Family

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Made of stainless 304 material, it is excellent in domestic resistance, rust, corrosion, and acid resistance.

Product Highlights:

  • Brand: KZM
  • Texture: Stainless steel 304, polyester
  • Includes: Sauce bowl X4ea, rice bowl X4ea, soup bowl X4ea flat bowl 21X3ea, flat bowl 22.5X2ea, salad plate, carry bag
  • Weight: 3.7Kg
  • Dimensions: Sauce bowl-Ø90/Ø60x(h)30mm / Rice bowl-Ø125/Ø70x(h)55mm Soup bowl-Ø160/Ø100x(h)50mm / Flat bowl 21-Ø210/Ø135x(h)25mm Flat bowl 22.5-Ø225/Ø165x( h)15mm salad plate-Ø225/Ø165x(h)40mm (without handle) Ø20/Ø165x(h)65mm (with handle) / carry bag-31x25x(h)9cm
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