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Iwatani Tough Maru Outdoor Gas Stove

Iwatani Tough Maru Outdoor Gas Stove

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A tough stove that can be used outdoors without worrying about the wind: Equipped with a patent-registered (Patent No. 5179447) "double windshield unit" that allows air to pass through but does not allow wind, providing strong heating performance even outdoors. Load capacity 20 kg: You can use a Dutch oven (12 inches = up to about 30 cm) that is heavy to cook with ease. It is resistant to radiant heat and can be used with cooking utensils with a pan bottom of 24 cm. Comes with a case, it is convenient to carry and storage is neat.


Product Highlights

  • Brand: Iwatani
  • Country of origin: Japan
  • Material: [Main body] Steel plate, [Top plate] Hollow steel plate, [Like] Hollow steel plate, [Burner] Steel plate (Stainless steel), [Ignition knob] ABS resin, [Storage case] PE
  • Continuous combustion time: Approximately 75 minutes (At high temperature continuous combustion at 20-25 ° C)
  • Measured value until the cassette cylinder is used up)
  • Ignition method: piezoelectric ignition method
  • Safety device: Pressure sensing safety device, container mounting safety device, container socket pressurizing mechanism / container attachment / detachment method: "Magnet attachment / detachment type" that does not cause erroneous installation
  • Cylinder heating mechanism: Equipped with a heat panel that uses up the gas in the cassette cylinder to the end without reducing the heat
  • Body size: Width 34.1 x Depth 28.3 x Height 12.9 cm
  • Product weight: Approximately 2.4 kg
  • Maximum Load: 20kg (This outdoor stove even can be used with a Dutch oven)


*T&C: To be eligible for Iwatani International Manufacturer Warranty claim, every Iwatani Stove purchase must include Iwatani Butane Cassette Gas in a single receipt

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