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Post General Field Bag for HD Basket Long

Post General Field Bag for HD Basket Long

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  • Thin padded bag that can be used in combination with HEAVY DUTY BASKET LONG.
  • The type sold on this page can be used as a set of two for his HEAVY DUTY BASKET LONG size.
  • Two patterns of opening and closing methods according to the scene.
  • Only the top part can be opened with a zipper, so it is convenient when you want to quickly take out your luggage while it is still in the basket.
  • Just two of them fit side by side in a long horizontal basket, so you can carry small tools without scattering them.
  • There are two colors, “Wolf Camo” and “Black Camo”.
  • A classic color that goes well with camping gear.
  • If you put together the small items you use for camping in a bag, you can take it out immediately.
  • It is a field bag that does not interfere with the interior even if it is placed in the room.
  • Size: Width 220 x D190 x Height 190
  • Material: Polyester
  • Weight: 240g


  • Keep away from firearms and objects that get hot. Doing so may cause fire or deterioration or deformation of the product.
  • Do not store for a long time in direct sunlight. It may cause discoloration and deformation.
  • Avoid using a washing machine or dryer.
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