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Cargo Container Dual Light Mini Hexagon Shade

Cargo Container Dual Light Mini Hexagon Shade

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  • 6-sided optimized double lamp mini size
  • At carefully crafted angles, the interior efficiently collects the spreading light,
  • metal coating for diffusion
  • Hexagon Shade, Dual Lights Mini
  • Even with only high mode activated, the lower space of the lantern and it brightly illuminates the surrounding area.
  • By lightly covering the LED portion of the Dual Light Mini you can reduce glare and use it more comfortably.


Made of aluminum, it is very durable and
weighs only 38g, making it easy to use.
In addition, the surface is scratch-resistant, non-slip
, waterproof and durable due to the special treatment,
it has excellent heat resistance, water and stain resistance, and is easy to manage.

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