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Campingmoon Foldable Barbecue Grill

Campingmoon Foldable Barbecue Grill

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This grill is designed for open fire cooking. The burning material can be solid fuel such as charcoal, firewood, leaves, etc. This grill can be used for boiling water, cooking, making soup, making coffee, grilling, and even heating, it is ideal for camping, hiking, barbecue, picnic, party and other outdoor activities.

  • Features: the height of the grill can be adjusted and equipped with a storage bag. It is small in size and convenient for outdoor use
  • Material: Stainless steel, Iron, Furnace body 0.6T
  • Set Included: Grill net, Furnace body, Lower bracket, Ash tray, Carbon net and Storage bag
  • Size: Mini - 19cm x 19cm x 15-19cm (Length x Width x Height), Medium - 35cm x 34cm x 26cm (Length x Width x Height), Large: 46cm x 41cm x 38cm - third position (Length x Width x Height)
  • Weight: Mini - 1.26kg, Medium - 3.5kg, Large - 8.7kg
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