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Ammo All Natural Energy Gel

Ammo All Natural Energy Gel

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With no artificial flavors, AMMO is made with natural blend of high energy and nutrient-
rich fruits providing fast and sustained release carbohydrate, refueling, and replenishing to keep you going longer.

AMMO Natural Energy Gel Contains Dual Action Booster, multiple carbohydrate forms
that release energy at different times, providing rapid & sustained energy during
exercise for endurance sports and activities.

All natural, whole food fuel
Exercise-induced Gastrointestinal Distress is a common problem for endurance athletes
like runners, cyclists, and triathletes. This is because the brain tells the body to send more blood to vital organs like the heart, brain, and muscles and less to the digestive system.

This makes it harder for the digestive system to turn food into the energy you need.
Regular energy gels are made with highly processed carbs, which your body isn't used
to. This makes it harder for your body to digest and makes you feel uncomfortable and
gassy in your stomach.

We get our daily energy from natural foods and that's what our bodies are used to.
Eating highly concentrated and highly processed carbs during exercise would increase
the risk of digestion problems, which would make it harder for your body to absorb
energy and affect how well you perform.

AMMO Natural Energy Gel are made differently. They are made with only natural
ingredients, so we know for sure that they are food.

Our natural ingredients
Solar Dried Banana Syrup
Fast absorption carbohydrate high in potassium and magnesium for minerals
replenishment, a pack of AMMO equals eating two bananas. Made with local banana
preservative method that is passed from generation to generation.

Coconut Nectar Crystals
Carbohydrates with a slow release give you steady energy while you exercise, and they
are also high in sodium, potassium, and magnesium. The nectar from the coconut
flower is simmered down until it turns into crystals. These crystals have a mild sweetness
and are full of nutrients and energy.

Milled Chia Seed
Superfood that stabilizes the way carbs are absorbed to prevent sugar spikes and is full
of Omega 3 and essential amino acids that help you recover quickly. Chia seeds gave
it a jelly-like texture that made it easy to swallow during exercise.

Fleur de Sel (Sea Salt)
The purest form of salt with high mineral complexity. Replenishes sodium chloride and
essential electrolytes to maintain water balance in your body while exercising.

AMMO comes in 3 different flavors, made with real fruit puree’; banana, mango, and
passion fruit. Each sachet contained 45 g. and one box has 12 sachets.

✅ No Preservatives ✅ No artificial flavors ✅ No Maltodextrin ✅ No Caffeine

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